Top 5 Altcoins going strong into 2021

Alright. In this article you will read about my top ten perditions for crypto currencies making noise in 2021.


5. Cardano ADA

Currently ranked at number 8 in terms of most valuable crypto currencies by market cap and one ADA coin currently trading at about $0.15.

The recently announced Cardano hard fork will introduce. a token locking ahead of Goguen. Cardano is almost finished its preperation to the Goguen development era. Locking tokens of Cardan means these tokens for a period of time and this adds a transparency advantage to this coin.

4. Swap

One of the hottest trends in DeFi is NFTs and the coins and platforms associated with it. So coin number 4 in this list is Swap. Currently trading at about $0.44 per token. Well, that's interesting why Trust Swap for NFTs? because it presents a swappable the first NFs and erc20 marketplace that returns fees to the community. It provides this advantage in hope to become the number one global NFT marketplace.

3. XRP

Currently trading at $0.58 per coin, XRP is expected to make a big noise in 2021. SO how they are making news?

Ripple CEO has announced he will reconsider leaving the US so he is filp-flopping a little bit on this after six weeks of making an announcement that ripple headquarters are potentially relocating because of the XRP lack of regulations in the US. Actually Ripple CEO thinks that elect-president is good for XRP and he even denoted for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris campaign. (Source).

2. Ethereum ETH

Next crypto currency to make this list is Ethereum which currently trading at about $591 per coin. So how is Ethereum making news today?

A new fund has just been approved in Canada which exposes Canadian traditional investors to Ethereum. In other words, this is called 3iQ and it has already got approval for the Canadian regulators for ETH fund which opens up a whole new part of the world of traditional investors into ether.

Shares will be offered to Canadian traditional investors until 10th of December to buy what could be a profitable holding. (Source)

If you are wondering how big could this investment in Ethereum be, it is set to gain a minimum of $20 million investment by 20th of December and its maximum total investment could reach $108 million into this Ethereum fund.

  1. DeFi Coin

The total DeFi addresses has just broken above $1 million which make it a huge trend DeFi we are seeing into this next year. At the start of this year, the umber was less that $100 Thousand. That’s over a 10x thus far.

If you are asking who is the most popular player in those addresses, it turns out that Uniswap accounts for nearly $600 thousand of the total accounts and then other players as Compound, Kyber Aave and OpenSea.

Alright… That’s end of the list. What are your crypto currency plans for 2021?